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Township Enterprises
BY 2004-03-11 16:54:34

The business income of the year increased by 12.1% over that of the previous year. The actually paid tax was 2.5 billion Yuan, increased by 19%, and the import and export goods valued at 24 billion Yuan, increased 11.6%.

310 technology renovation projects and 120 new products development project were completed, with the investment of 1.5 billion Yuan and 850 million Yuan respectively. By the end of the year, the sales revenue of 1 enterprise had exceeded 2,000,000 Yuan and 5 had exceeded 1bilion Yuan.

The number of enterprises engaged in agricultural products processing reached 320, with the sales revenue of 15 billion Yuan, increased by 14%. The number of leading enterprises in industrialization rose from 85 to 90 and these enterprises generated 10.4 billion Yuan of business income, a rise of 15%. 5 enterprises have been directed for listing.

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