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Dalian is a famous fruits production base; aquatic products from Dalian are well known both in China and abroad.
Annual production volume:Grain: 875 thousand tons; Vegetables: 2.12 million tons; Fruits: 652 thousand tons; Aquatic products: 2.18 million tons; Meat: 319 thousand tons; Poultry and eggs: 158 thousand tons; Dairy products: 78 thousand tons

In 2002, the total output at present value created by agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery was 21.68 billion Yuan, 7.1% higher than that of the previous year, among which 5.74 billion Yuan was from agriculture, 170 thousand Yuan from forestry, 4.69 billion Yuan from animal husbandry and 10.08 billion Yuan from fishery. The output value from fishery increased by 15.3%, making up 51.1% of the total.



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