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Introduction to the environment and infrastructure in Dalian
BY 2003-08-27 13:15:15

---Urban green coverage has reached 41.5%, per capita public green land  is 9.5 square meters.
--- Dalian received United Nation's Human Habitat Award in 1999.
--- Dalian received United Nation Environment Program's "Global 500 Award" in 2001
The annual cargo handling capacity of Dalian port is 112 million tons, the container handling capacity is 1.35 million TEU.

The passenger volume of Dalian airport is 3.335 million person-time, the cargo and mail handling capacity is 93,000 tons, and it has opened over 80 air routes among them 14 are international routes, including Dalian to Japan, Korea, Russia and Hong Kong.

The total cargoes import and export through Dalian port values at US$20.6 billion, among them import values at US$9.15 billion and export values at US$11.45 billion.

The total road mileage is 4451 kilometers, and the average density is 36.4km/100km2. The Dalian's expressway which has linked Shenyang, Beijing, Changchun and Harbin has the mileage of 244 kilometers.

There are totally 600 million Cubic meters of water reserve in the over a dozen of reservoirs dispersed across Biliu River and Yingna River. The daily water supply capacity is 1.3 million tons with 900 thousand tons of water being actually utilized. With the increasing demand for the future development of the city, Dalian will divert water from Dayang River and Yalu River.

Sufficient supply of power and gas can meet the requirements of economic development.
Preferential Policies for Foreign Investors

State regulations provide that the income tax for enterprises with foreign investment is 30% of the taxable income, yet for those enterprises operating within the jurisdiction of Dalian municipality enjoys a favorable tax rate of 24%, and enterprises operating within those pilot zones enjoys an even more favorable rate of 15%.
Any enterprise with foreign investment of a production nature scheduled to operate for a period of not less than ten years shall, from the year beginning to make profit, be exempted from income tax in the first and second years and allowed a fifty percent reduction in the third to fifth years. These enterprises shall also be exempted from local income tax, which is 3% of the taxable income for seven years.
For those enterprises that export their products, after the above favorable treatment period expires, the rate of corporate income tax shall be 12% if 70% or more of their total product value in the year are exported, and this rate is 10% for enterprises in the Pilot Zones. 
Technically advanced enterprises can enjoy three more years of favorable corporate income tax rate of 12% after the above tax benefits period expires, and for the enterprises operating in the Pilot Zones can enjoy an even more favorable rate of 10%.

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