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Dalian Software Park boosts software industry development
BY 2003-08-13 11:18:25

With the inauguration of the second-stage project on June 11, the Dalian Software Park is ambitiously planning to build itself into a first-grade software industrial base in China.

The park, initiated in June 1998, is the first software industrial base in China operated under the mechanism of being "managed by a company and supported by the government." While the Dalian Software Park Co Ltd is in charge of infrastructure construction, management and service provision, the Dalian municipal government offers support in macro control, policy making, investment promotion and financial assistance.

To date, the company has invested 2.5 billion yuan (US$300 million) in constructing production and training facilities with a total floor space of 500,000 square metres.

In 1999, the park was designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a "national Torch Project software industrial base." The Torch Project is nationwide programme initiated by the ministry to promote high-tech development.

In 2001, the park ranked the third among China's top 10 software industrial bases and helped Dalian win the honour of China's first model city in software industry globalization.Because of Dalian's traditional business links with Japan and Japan's market demand in the software industry, the park has orientated itself as a software export base to Japan.

To date, the park has more than 100 enterprises which develop software products for the Japanese market. Also nearly 30 Japanese-funded firms have settled in the park.The park's enterprises are mainly engaged in software development, data transmission, consultation and training.In addition to such Japanese firms as Matsushita and Sony, other international giants like Nokia, GE, IBM and Accenture have also established operations in the park.

However, the first-stage project of the park covers only 2.98 square kilometres, bottlenecking the enterprise demand for expansion.The 4.6-square-kilometre second-stage project, which is to be completed within five years, is expected to solve the problem. The project is also an important part of the Lushunnanlu Software Industrial Zone recently launched by the Dalian municipal government.

With a total investment of 8 billion yuan (US$960 million), the project plans to offer a total floor space of 2 million square metres to investors.Responding to the needs of different types of business, the park will set up such specialized sub-parks as a software development quarter, a technological research quarter, a service quarter and education and training quarter.In addition, independent sub-parks will be established for some large-sized projects invested by multinational companies.

The second-stage project will also improve its service facilities, including telecommunications, convention and exhibition and residential and entertainment facilities which accord with international standards.In overall planning, the park will set up a specialist consultation conference, inviting experts from home and abroad to propose a long-term plan and design for its construction and industrial development.

Against such a background of rapid development, the Dalian Software Park has mapped out a new target to build itself into a "North Asian centre for software development and services."While consolidating its markets in Japan, South Korea, China and other North Asian countries, the park aims to radiate its business to North America and other regions.

Also it plans to become the largest software export base in North China and the largest training base for software professionals in China.Upon completion of the second-stage project, the park is expected to realize a sales revenue of 10 billion yuan (US$1.2 billion) and export volume of US$600 million annually.

It is predicted that, the number of enterprises in the park will surpass 300, with 50 invested by Fortune 500 companies.


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