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BY 2003-06-23 08:38:06
Dalian is one of China's top ten tourism cities, of which major attractions include:
The Xinghai Plaza--backed by mountains and facing the sea,which has a total area of 1.8 million square meters.

Lushun Snake Island- a marvelous world for animals

Golden Pebble Golf Course-ranking the sixth among US Golf Club Member Courses in 1999, the 7th lane is the most challenging one and is praised as the demon lane.

Beach Road: It is a national level scenic spot with a total length of 35 kilometers. The road links through over a dozen tourism attractions including the Rhyme of the Sea Square, the Bangchui Island, the Tiger Beach Park, the Beida Bride, the Golden Sand Beach, the Bird Nest Ridge, the Fujia Villa and the Xinghai Plaza.

SunAsia Ocean World: Chinese first under-water tunnel aquarium with a length of 118 meters, it ranks the top in Asia.
Polar Ocean Animal Park: large ocean water park with various kinds of polar animals
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