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Bright Smiles
BY 2003-06-20 13:07:27

The booming, young, and vigorous city of Dalian has been a permanent pursuer of beauty.

This cosmopolitan city is impressing the world with its beautiful scenery, its fresh mountains and waters, its dazzling fashions, and its stylish local people.

The people of Dalian have a special holiday of their own-the Dalian international Fashion Festival.
The romantic melody of the Festival's theme song has been echoing through the city for 10 years. The flying silver blue flag of the Festival has declared to the world that the Dalian people's pursuit of fashion reflects their love of life and their best wishes for the future as their city embraces the world. It embodies the local people's modern spirit and open-mindedness.

The 10-year-old Dalian International Fashion Festival has made the city well known throughout the world.

This splendid fair is unique for its wide involvement of local people, its strong flavor of opening to the outside world, and its fruitful economic returns.

The international garment fair, the national young designers' contest, the fashion show featuring Chinese and foreign models, and the large-scale cultural square party have all proved a great commercial success, promoting Dalian to the world and letting friends from overseas feel the warmth of the local people.

Besides the fashion fair, Dalian is also host to: a regional trade fair, the 13-year-old Dalian Export & lmport Commodity Fair; a national-level tourist activity, the 11-year-old Dalian Acacia Festival; the International Federation of Track and Field-designated 12-year-old Dalian International Marathon Tournament; and that showcase of Chinese ethnic culture, the Dalian Spring Festival Fireworks Affairs .

All these events, embracing economy, trade, tourism, culture, and sports, have shortened the distance between Dalian and the rest of the world.

The future of Dalian is bound to be even more enchanting and fascinating!

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