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Golden Pebble Beach National Resort
BY 2003-06-20 14:54:49

It is the only national resort approved by the State Council in 1992 and AAAA Nation Tourist Attraction in northeast of China. In 2002, it obtained the accreditation of international quality and environment system----ISO9000 and ISO14001. It enjoys
* unique natural conditions----encircled by sea on three sides with 30km-long coast line and possessed over hundred of natural geological scenic spots formed 900 to 600 million years ago.
* complete infrastructures ----the Light Rail from Downtown to Golden Pebble Beach has put into operation and become a main tourist line of this Resort.
* a series of recreation facilities with international standard and of different styles ----36-hole golf course, International Convention Center, International Yacht Club, Waxing Imagery Museum, Grotesque Rocks Hall, China Martial Arts Museum, Movie & TV Art Center, Theme Parks (under construction), Hi-tech Agriculture Sightseeing & Demonstration Park (under construction), Golden Pebble Valley Country Club (under construction), etc. It's an excellent place for tourists and a better choice for investors.

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