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Areas Where Foreign Investment is Encouraged
BY 2003-06-20 14:53:20

Electronic information technology- the development and manufacture of software, network, optical communication, digital audio and video products, computer peripheral equipment and other components, new video products and micro electronic components.
Bio-engineering£¬bio-pharmaceutical, medical material, functional food, bio-pesticide and fertilizer, bio-chemical material, bio-treatment of polluted water, genetic engineering and tissue engineering.
Environment protection industry-solid waste treatment, purification by desulphurization, waste water treatment, compressing of high density organic waste water and mud, manufacturing of environment protection facilities.
New type material-environment protection, energy saving and nanometer technology materials
Petrochemical industry- Production of ethylene, engineering plastics and plastic alloys
Green agriculture-Introduction and cultivation of fine seeds, seedlings and breeding stocks; Fresh keeping and deep processing of fruits, vegetables and flowers; Cultivation and processing of animal products and aquatic products.
Machinery industry- Research, develop and manufacture of large units of equipment; high grade, precision and advanced basic equipment, component and major technical equipment.
Service and trade sector-transportation, logistics, tourism, construction, medical and public health, education, accounting and law, leasing, insurance and finance.

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