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Spring Festival Lantern Show to Open
A local lantern decoration worker paints a lantern in the shape of a Beijing Opera artist at Jinshitan in Dalian, a port city of Northeastern China's Liaoning Province, January 17, 2018, before Jinshitan Spring Festival Cultural Festival 2019 and the 2nd Spring Festival Lantern Show which will be held from January 28.
Xi orders efforts to promote social justice, ensure people's wellbeing
President Xi Jinping has ordered efforts to promote modern social governance, push forward reforms and develop a better force in political and legal work.
Video|Dalian Heishijiao Beach
On the south of the famous Xinghai Square, a unique beach—Black Rock Reef,also know as Heishijiao in Chinese, is located there.more
Overseas Students Experience Amazing Dalian
A total of 100 overseas students from 31 countries and regions visited Zhuanghe in Dalian.more
Major Snow
During Major Snow, the snow becomes heavy and begins to accumulate on the ground.more
Start of Winter
The Start of Winter, the 19th solar term of the year, falls on November 7 this year.more

Cuba's National Ballet Performs Don Quixote in Dalian
Folk Artworks Exhibition Opens to Public
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