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First New Generation of Middle-Low Speed Maglev Vehicle Completed in Dalian
The first new generation of the middle-low speed maglev vehicle manufactured by CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd. has been completed recently in the new factory of Lvshun Development Zone, Dalian. The vehicle is ready to enter the static debugging stage.
Xi arrives in PNG for state visit, APEC meeting
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived here Thursday to pay a state visit to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting.
Video|Dalian Heishijiao Beach
On the south of the famous Xinghai Square, a unique beach—Black Rock Reef,also know as Heishijiao in Chinese, is located there.more
Overseas Students Experience Amazing Dalian
A total of 100 overseas students from 31 countries and regions visited Zhuanghe in Dalian.more
Frost's Descent
Frost's Descent, the 18th solar term of the year, begins this year on October 23.more
Double Ninth Festival
The "Double Ninth Festival", also known as the "Chong Yang Festival", is a traditional Chinese festival. more

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Dalian Heishijiao Beach
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